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For many, living and working internationally is an isolating experience.  Or, perhaps you're surrounded by people but find that you need professional help.  It is difficult to know how to get your needs met when you're in a place that does not speak your language, or when you're living in a small community.  Regardless of what your needs are, it is always a courageous step to seek help for yourself (especially when you're more often in the position of helping others). 

Online counseling might make sense for you if:

  • You don’t have access to a counselor that speaks English

  • Your town is small, and it would be awkward to get counseling from someone in the community

  • Traveling to see someone in-person is difficult, for whatever reason

  • You have small children (counseling during nap-time can be a wonderful thing!)

  • You’ve tried other counselors in the area, but haven’t found the right fit

  • You feel like those in your support network want to help, but don’t understand your experiences

  • You feel like you need help, but aren’t sure how to find it


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Some Things I Enjoy Working With Include:


Basic Breakdown

“Next Steps” could include things like decide to meet once per week, refer you to another therapist, or check-in in around a month.

A Little Bit More About My Personal Experience:

I have lived and worked internationally, and many of my friends grew up in other countries (some as missionary kids).  I experienced first-hand the difficulty of caring for yourself when you are far removed from your support network, and from professionals who speak your language.  I've also heard many stories of isolation and loneliness from friends and clients; it can sometimes feel like others may not understand or be able to hear the story you need to tell because it is so "other" than their own experience.  In many ways, the service I'm offering is what I wish I had when I lived internationally, what I felt I needed.  I have witnessed many international "helpers" burn out because they continued to give when they were not being cared for themselves.  One of my passions is to "help the helpers," or in other words, to provide quality care to those who are doing good work internationally.  I am passionate about international aid work with poverty, orphans, HIV/AIDS, disaster relief, human trafficking, etc. but feel that my gifts are best used helping others continue to be able to prosper and give.

Professional Info:

I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2014 at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate in the state of Washington, offering online therapy to those who live outside of the United States. My professional experience includes working with adults on a variety of issues and couples work. I have also worked with teens with eating disorders in residential treatment, and worked at a nonprofit as an infant & toddler mental health therapist for several years. I use my experience working with young children to inform my work with adults with developmental trauma, as well as in my work with parents of young children.

A Few Details:

Clients usually schedule to see me on a regular, weekly basis.  I find that meeting together weekly, at least at the beginning of our work together, creates the greatest possibility for growth and change.

Online counseling sessions are held via which is a secure platform that is HIPAA and HITECH compliant. 


*I cannot offer counseling to those living in the United States outside the state of Washington due to differences in licensing laws across states.  There may be some countries I'm unable to provide counseling in as well. 

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