Individuals in Transition


Being in transition can be very disorienting— you can’t quite identify with the old anymore, and yet you haven’t landed fully in the new. It can be a time when it’s hard to feel grounded, when you’re unsure who you are or what’s going to happen. Transition can be a lonely time filled with anxiety, but the uncertainties can also offer change and growth, even transformation.

Have you thought:

  • I wish I had someone to help guide me through this season, and make sense of the unknown.

  • I feel anxious about what’s going to happen. Am I going to be okay?

  • I wonder who I’ll be at the end of this. How can I use this time of uncertainty to become who I want to be?

  • I’m unsure how to process the loss of the last season.

When a lot is changing around you, it can be really helpful to have someone consistent to check in with, to mirror yourself back to you. This is especially true if the end of your last season included a lot of loss. Together, we can make sense of the chaos, and find a way forward that feels hopeful.


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