International Aid Workers

Psyculture:  Online Counseling for International Aid Workers

Did you move around the world to help others, only to find that you need help yourself? I’ve seen it over and over again— often the hardest person for a helper to help is themselves. International work is all-encompassing, often challenging body, mind and soul. At the same time aid workers are giving so much to others, they are often suffering themselves.

Have you ever thought:

  • I care for so many. I wish I had someone to care for me.

  • I’m not sure how much longer I can do this.

  • I don’t know how to process the hard things that I’ve seen/experienced.

Maybe you witnessed or experienced something traumatic during this work. Or maybe you’ve simply heard a lot of stories, and your empathy and care are leading to burnout. Experiences from your past can also be brought up by this new context, and demand to be addressed now. It could be all of the above. This work is not easy. And the world needs you to continue to be able to help. By working together, we can get you the care you need so that you can be well and continue to help others.


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