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Websites for Appointment Logistics

Online Video for Appointments is used for online counseling sessions.  Login to Liz's waiting room a few minutes before the beginning of the session by clicking here.  She will then join the session.  Doxy is HIPAA and HITECH compliant. 


  • This website makes it easy to submit claims to your insurance company.

  • Get Better, Inc. charges 10% of the money you are reimbursed. If your claim is not covered by your insurance or is applied to your deductible, Better is free to use. Better is fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant.


Holistic Health

  • Nadine Burke Harris is doing ground-breaking research on the effects of toxic stress to our long-term health. By determining how many ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences) you or your child have, you can determine susceptibility to toxic stress, and therefore to potential health concerns. The above website gives more information and many helpful tools to lessen toxic stress.




  • Headspace is an app you can access on your smartphone; it's like having someone who can lead you through mindfulness exercises in your back pocket. There are many sessions that can be accessed for free, and also more specific sessions (such as for anxiety, depression, loneliness, change and sleep disturbances) that can be purchased.


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